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How to Choose Automatic or Manual Transmission

When choosing the perfect car for you, the first thought is often whether it's going to have an automatic or manual transmission. In this post, Jim Allen has a few tips to share to help make the decision easier.


If anybody tells you that...

Keep Your Car Running Smooth With These Tips

While there are many things that a mechanic can do to keep your car on the road, there are many more that you can do yourself, at home. In this post, Jim Allen has put together some common ways to keep your car running in good condition.



How to Keep Your Dirt Bike in Good Working Order

Dirt bikes are great fun and can afford a level of excitement and adventure getting you places only a dirt bike can. Before you head out on your next ride, follow this simple checklist from Jim Allen to keep your ride in...

Stay Safe and Ride Legal in Ohio

Riding an all-terrain vehicle is an awesome way to get up close and see Ohio's forests and natural areas. Four state forests have over 38 miles of riding trails for novices to experts. These trails are open from spring through late autumn. Ohio also offers miles...

Reduce Engine Wear and Fuel Usage With Synthetic Oil

When it comes to engine performance and economy, there are many ways that you can assist. In this post, Jim Allen has some information to share about synthetic oil, and how switching to a high quality Synthetic Oil in Cleveland can benefit your...

Tips to Protect Your Engine

Most people think that having an car tune-up performed by a professional is the best way to keep their vehicle in perfect condition. While this is true, there are other ways to maintain your engine to extend its life and even save some money. That's why Jim Allen...

Basic Motor Home Maintenance

Still haven’t made it out in your motorhome for a vacation this summer? It’s not too late! While taking your RV in for a professional check-up before any big trip is recommended, Jim Allen can have you ready  for the open road and keep your RV in peak condition...

Improve Your Engine Performance and Efficiency with Fuel Additives

Fuel additives have the necessary additives your vehicle needs to stay efficient. Additives also will extend your vehicle's engine life.

Additional Deposits and Higher Compression

Intake Valve Deposits form on the valves....

What to Do If Your Car Begins to Overheat

The summer temperatures can cause the temperatures under your hood to rise as well. The hot conditions can affect your cars performance and can even cause your car to overheat. If you notice your temperature gauge heading towards the red, there are simple...
Few things in life beat the sense of adventure and joy that you get from going on a road trip. And, since summer is in all its glory, the perfect time to go on road trips is now! However, if you want your vehicle to take you where you want to go, be sure to inspect the things mentioned below...

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