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Motorcycle Winter Storage Tips

Unfortunately for motorcycle riders, winter is here. Although the holiday season is loads of fun, putting your motorcycle away because of the cold is not very fun. Even so, it's important that you take the proper steps to keep your motorcycle protected while in...

Winter Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Before winter weather arrives, properly prepare your vehicle for the change in conditions. Follow these simple maintenance tips to get started.

Take Care of Your Tires

Since your vehicle's tires are what connect your car to the road, they...

Learn About Wheel and Tire Maintenance

The average day-to-day vehicle in the United States weighs well over 2000 pounds. That’s without passengers. Add in a family of four, weighing around an average of 100 pounds each for vacations… 3100 pounds… and upgrade the standard family car to an SUV......
There are many fluids swimming around your car and they all have an important job to do. Fluids are meant to do their job without being seen, unless you are getting a synthetic oil change, that is. It’s normal for you to worry when you see one of them leaking out of your vehicle. It’s probable...

What is Speeding?

Speeding is when you drive past or over the prescribed speed limit set forth and enforced by your local government. Speeding usually occurs at night, on the highways, and in familiar areas that people know well. Speeding makes it so you can't really stop on time if an emergency...
Summer is the ideal time to get a synthetic oil change in Spencer and prevent possible engine problems. AMSOIL synthetic oil means quality and that’s what you are looking for. AMSOIL dealer: Jim Allen in Spencer wants you to know how synthetic oil protects your engine against the summer heat.



What Is Your Dashboard Trying to Tell You?

With so many buttons, symbols and flashing lights on our dashboards nowadays, it can be difficult to work out what it important, and what is not. Many of the buttons and controls that we see relate to additional features such as hands-free technology,...

Learn about your fluid levels and how to keep them at the right levels

Each car has a different design – some are sporty, others are for families, but all commercial cars use the same basic operating systems. For example, all cars have an engine, brakes, and steering. Each of these components...

Vehicle Maintenance To Perform Before Long Journeys

Summer break is here and for most of us, that means vacations. Domestic flights are becoming more and more affordable in the U.S but, for many, the classic road trip is still the most affordable and enjoyable option. That is, unless, you fail to...

What is Synthetic Oil and Why Should I Make the Switch?

You may have noticed that mechanics and local hardware stores are replacing mineral oils with synthetic oil on their shelves, or a mixture of the two. There seems to be a consensus that synthetic oils are superior to mineral oils, but is...

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