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What is Speeding?

Speeding is when you drive past or over the prescribed speed limit set forth and enforced by your local government. Speeding usually occurs at night, on the highways, and in familiar areas that people know well. Speeding makes it so you can't really stop on time if an emergency situation presents itself in front of you. This is the main reason why speeding is so dangerous because if you can't stop in time, you will likely swerve to avoid a direct impact with another vehicle or object, or you will crash into that vehicle itself.

Who Speeds?

The most common demographic for speeding is males aged between 17 and 39. This is one reason why insurers charge higher insurance rates for this demographic. It may not seem fair, but it is statistically accurate.

Why Do People Speed?

Most people speed because they feel like they are in control of their lives and nothing will hurt them. A basic feeling of invulnerability and empowerment takes over the speeder while the brain releases dopamine and other chemicals such as adrenaline to make the speeder feel good about themselves.

How Dangerous Is It to Speed?

It is very dangerous to speed, even a little bit because speed limits are set after careful research and consideration for the quality of the roads, weather patterns, and area demographics. In 2014, speeding was a factor in approximately 28% of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Remember, it is always better to be aware of your speed and drive carefully to avoid any potential accidents. For more information on the dangers of speeding, check out this post.

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