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The gear lube is meant to lubricate and protect key components in your vehicle. If you aren't sure of when you should be replacing your gear lube, this post by Jim Allen in Canton will share a few telling signs.

The gear lube you use for your powerful vehicle is meant to protect and lubricate the components in the transfer cases, transmissions, and differentials to ensure these remain in top shape and continue performing the job that you need from them. In that regard, gear lube is essential for your vehicle's or machinery's maintenance, as without it, those key components would wear down, which would render your machine useless. Still, after time and use, the gear lube in your vehicle will stop performing as expected. At that point, you will need to replace it to guarantee that the components in your vehicle remain protected. Of course, for you to be diligent with that task, you would first need to find out how often and when you should be changing the gear lube on your vehicle. In order to help you out, the following post will share some general guidelines you can follow to maintain the gear lube in your vehicle in top shape.

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When to Change the Gear Lube

If the Gearbox is Being Weird

It just may be that your vehicle is screaming at you that you need to replace the gear lube in it. One clear sign that you should, is if the gearbox is being weird. "But what constitutes as 'weird'?", you may ask. Mainly, if it becomes jumpy, if it starts making noises you don't recognize (even when it's in neutral), or if you can't change gears as normal, then it just may be that your vehicle is thirsty for some new oil.

If the Dashboard is Telling You

Another very straightforward sign that you're in need of a gear lube replacement is if the dashboard is telling you that it needs some new gear oil. The dashboard, as you know, has signs that light up depending on the vehicle's requirements. In this case, you should look out for the 'Check Engine' sign. While that particular sign can mean a few different things, one of them is that your vehicle needs some new gear oil. That's why, if you see it, change it. If that doesn't shut the light off, take your vehicle to a mechanic.

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If It's Running Low

It's highly recommended that you do a dipstick test every so often to check the level your gear lube is at. If upon running this test, you find that it is lower than it should be, make the change then and there. Your vehicle needs the lube to be at a certain level to stay protected, so don't neglect this. Needless to say, if you recently repaired leak, then it's likely that your gear lube will be running low, which is why it's recommended that you top it off.

If You've Used It for X Number of Miles

This next sign is a little bit vague, as it depends on what your vehicle is, the use you give it, the condition it is in, among other factors. Basically, you have to change the gear lube if you've used it for a number of miles. The truth is that, if you want to have more specific and accurate information about this, you will have to turn to your owner's manual or to a professional mechanic that can provide it for you.

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If the Lube is Dirty

Last but definitely not least, change the dirty lube. Riding around with a dirty lube can actually hurt your vehicle and its components more than it helps them. That's why you should perform regular inspections on the gear lube. If you notice that its texture and color have changed, replace it for new, fresh oil. And change the filter, too.

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