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Common Car Safety Items Explained

Looking for that dream car is an exciting experience, especially if it's a brand new car. With a brand new car, there are a number of new and exciting features which they each offer, along with their own levels of safety and safety features. It is this part which many would-be car owners find the most confusing, choosing the right safety features. While it's ultimately your decision as to which safety features are important to you, many drivers can find it hard to know the design and purpose of each feature. For this article, Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen has some information share regarding some of the more common safety features, how they work, and how they can help protect you.

Lane Drift/Lane Assist

One of the newer systems that may seem advertised is a Lane Drift or Lane Assist feature. This feature works towards the goal of ensuring your car doesn't drift into a neighboring lane, usually due to instances of driver fatigue or distraction. By actively monitoring the road, your car is able to 'understand' which lane it is currently driving in. Should the driver become distracted or suffer from fatigue, this system can detect that the car is moving out of its lane (without purpose) and alarm to notify the driver and passengers.

Automatic Braking System (ABS)

Similar to the lane drift feature mentioned above, the ability of a car to 'know' what is happening around is benefits another safety feature - the Automatic Braking System. When installed and actively running, your car monitors the speed and distance of the car directly in front of if. In the event a driver becomes distracted and fails to notice that this car has noticeable slow or stopped, the Automatic Braking System can activate the car's brakes and prevent a potential collision from occurring. While cars include many automatic features for safety, they also monitor the fluid level inside your car and provide dash warnings. Similar to your car's safety features, these provide important information and shouldn't be ignored. If your dash shows a low fluid level, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645 and top-up your levels immediately. With experience providing the best AMSOIL synthetic oil products for drives just like you, Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen will make sure you get the right product for your new car.


It's no surprise that airbags are the most commonly known safety feature when it comes to a car, both new and older model, however, what many drivers aren't aware are the places in which airbags are now located and able to deploy. Along with your regular airbag which deploys from your steering wheel and passenger dash, airbags are available along the windshield, doors and windows, along with under the steering column to protect your knee and legs. These airbags are activated when sensors around the car detect a collision and inflate immediately.

Rear Camera

There is never a substitute for a driver paying attention to where they are driving their vehicle, and this includes when they are reversing. However, instances where people or objects are too small to see or come from the side without notice, it can often be difficult for drivers to be 100% certain what is and isn't behind them. More and more cars are taking advantage of a small camera placed at the read of the car connected to a screen on the driver's dash. This works as a supplement to the driver's attention, providing them with a clearer and often larger field of vision when reversing.

Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Canton

Alongside choosing which safety features best suit your needs, there is also the decision on what you put in your new car's engine to keep it new for longer. If your new car was delivered with conventional oil inside, it's likely that your engine will wear down unnecessarily due to an inferior level of protection surrounding each internal component. To prevent this from occurring, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645 and ask about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Canton. From an increase in performance to a decrease in fuel consumption, the best synthetic oil change in Canton has a multitude of benefits to offer. Of course, the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Canton aren't limited to a new car. From your boat, to your motor bike and eve your lawnmower, a synthetic oil change in Canton can help increase the lifespan of all engines you operate.

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