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There are many reasons why driving at night can be dangerous. If you want to overcome these dangers and stay as safe as possible during your drives after dark, read this post that Jim Allen in Cleveland has written for you.

The National Safety Council says that even though we only do a quarter of the driving at night, half of all traffic deaths take place after dark. This is a terrifying statistic that has several explanations. For one, the darker scenery at night makes it hard for us to be aware of what's on the road ahead. Plus, most of us sleep at night, meaning that we start to get tired when the sun goes down. Moreover, people like to party at night, which increases your chances of coming across a high or drunk driver. Whatever the case may be, you must learn to drive at night so that you can stay safe against all of its dangers. For tips on the matter, continue reading the post below.

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How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

Guarantee You're Able to See

First of all, you have to be able to see the road ahead despite the darkness. To that end, it's recommended that you service your vehicle's headlights and that you have them on at all times. Likewise, you should verify that your windshield is clean and in good shape and that you have your glasses on if needed.

Employ the Lights Effectively

Your vehicle has brake lights, blinkers, hazards, high beams, too, so use them. These will signal your intentions to other people. Make sure that they're working correctly so that you can be seen when you're driving at night. Just be sure to use them effectively (i.e., avoid blinding others with the high beams).

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Avoid Being Blinded

Of course, your ability to see is crucial when you're driving. That's why, if another vehicle is blinding you with its lights, you should learn where the light is coming from and act accordingly:
  • If the light is in front of you, divert your eyes away from it and use the luminous lines on the side of the road as guidance.
  • If the light is behind you, flip the switch at the bottom of the rearview mirror to reduce the glare.

Stay Prepared

Being prepare will help you stay safer in general. That's why it's a good idea to regularly take your vehicle to a mechanic so that you won't be left stranded on the dark road. Likewise, keep emergency tools in your vehicle if there's an unforeseen circumstance, and there isn't help available.

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Drive Around Slowly

Since you cannot see the road ahead very well, you'll have more trouble figuring out if there's something in front of you and reacting to it effectively. That's why you should drive slowly, so you have more time to react to any situations that may arise as you drive.

Don't Drive While High or Drunk

Driving when you're high or drunk is never a good idea because your senses, your judgment, your motor functions, and your reactions are all impaired. If you know you'll be getting drunk or high, do not drive. until you're sober. Or, better yet, use another mode of transportation.

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Don't Drive When Tired

Much like being under the influence, being tired also impairs several of your normal functions, which is why you should avoid driving when tired. If possible, stop at a safe place to rest or pass the wheel on to someone else. But don't trust sugary and/or caffeinated drinks to keep you up.

Be Extra Careful

As stated a few times over, there are many reasons why driving at night can be dangerous. For that reason, you have to be extra careful. Do not get distracted and make use of defensive driving techniques. If needed, use an auditory GPS to avoid getting lost in the dark.

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