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Learn About Wheel and Tire Maintenance

The average day-to-day vehicle in the United States weighs well over 2000 pounds. That’s without passengers. Add in a family of four, weighing around an average of 100 pounds each for vacations… 3100 pounds… and upgrade the standard family car to an SUV...  That comes in at over 5000 pounds. That’s more than 1000 pounds of pressure on each of the four tires! If you think that each of these vehicles covers around 17,000 miles per year on average, that’s an enormous amount of stress on each tire annually. So, it’s no wonder that one of the most common reasons for calling out roadside assistance is tires ‘blowing-out’ mid-drive. In this week’s blog, your local AMSOIL dealer - Jim Allen has the ultimate guide to wheel and tire maintenance to make sure that your vehicle's tires and wheels stay in prime condition throughout the stormy rain or snow season!

Check Your Air Pressure

The single most important thing that you can do to optimize your car’s fuel efficiency and safety is to regularly check the air pressure in your tires. If the pressure is too low, the tires begin to lose grip, especially on slippery surfaces, and more fuel is required to push the wheels forward, reducing fuel efficiency. You should check the air pressure at least once a month, and before every long journey. Remember! The air pressure gauges at gas stations often are not calibrated regularly, meaning that, more often than not, the readings that they give are inaccurate. You should invest in a personal pressure gauge to use at home or in filling stations to ensure accurate readings. They are affordable and very portable, so a personal one for each vehicle is a great investment. Another great way to increase performance and efficiency is by upgrading your motor oil. Synthetic oils provide superior lubrication to your engine, optimizing efficiency. They also work better at a much wider range of temperatures. On top of this, they last longer between oil changes so do not need to be replaced as frequently. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer - Jim Allen, today at 877 777 1645, to find out more about the many benefits of synthetic motor oil.

Check Your Wheel Alignment

Keeping your tires well aligned increases their life expectancy, saving you money on replacements. It also improves handling and makes your vehicle safer to drive. This maintenance should be carried out by a mechanic - your wheel alignment will be checked during regular services, but make sure to take your vehicle in for an extra check if you notice that the steering becomes heavy, or after any run-ins with curbs or potholes. Don’t wait until you’re on a slippery road surface in the rain to find out that your vehicle’s handling has been compromised. Also, having your tires properly aligned will give a smoother ride for you and your passengers.

Check for Wear and Tear

When under such enormous amounts of pressure, it’s normal that the tires are subject to a certain amount of wear and tear. However, it’s important to regularly check that your tires are still roadworthy to avoid the nasty and dangerous situation of a tire blow-out. Get down and take a close look at each tire in turn - pay close attention to the rims. Look for any lumps, bumps or other signs of weakness. Make sure to check for any debris such as shards of glass, scraps of metal, or other foreign objects that may become lodged in the tire.

Rotate your Tires Regularly

Rotating your tires regularly spreads out the burden of the weight as evenly as possible. This makes is less likely that one particular area on one tire will become thin and explode, as the areas of pressure on the tire will change regularly.

Synthetic Oil Change in Spencer

Undertaking regular maintenance will help you to avoid unnecessary, costly trips to the mechanic, as well as saving you money on your monthly gas bill. Hands down, the most efficient and cost-effective way of improving your car’s performance and longevity is by investing in a synthetic motor oil, such as the range of products offered by AMSOIL. These oils have been hand-crafted by scientists in a laboratory in order to offer you superior lubrication, wear protection and heat-management in your engine. Synthetic oils may be slightly more costly at point of purchase, but they last longer between changes, saving you money in the long run. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer - Jim Allen, today at 877 777 1645, to find out more about how you could benefit from a superior-quality synthetic motor oil.

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