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Keep Your Car Running Smooth With These Tips

While there are many things that a mechanic can do to keep your car on the road, there are many more that you can do yourself, at home. In this post, Jim Allen has put together some common ways to keep your car running in good condition.

General Inspection

  1. Twice a month, take a few extra minutes to give your engine a thorough once-over. Pay attention to any debris or build up that you can see, along with the general cleanliness of the engine and it's connections.
  2. Each time you open your hood, check your battery. While car batteries are designed to handle your car's electronics, consider the extra load your family's devices are placing on it and give it an extra look to make sure its cables are in good nick.
  3. Keep an eye out for leaks. Oil and water leaks can occur slowly, but when they become a serious problem, they become a serious problem! Take notice of any wet patches left after your car has been stored and act quickly. Any loss of oil is a loss of protection for your engine.
  4. Check your owners manual and see what kind of fluids your car utilizes. If there are specific requirements for changes or replacements, pay attention to them. Consider using an Amsoil Oil in Columbus to extend the change periods and lifespan of your engine.

Synthetic Oil in Spencer

General engine and car maintenance doesn't have to be a chore, and with the benefits of synthetic oil, it doesn't even have to happen as often. Speak with an expert at Jim Allen on (877) 777-1645 and ask about the right synthetic oil can give your engine a boost and help keep it running smoothly.

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