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If you own an air compressor, and you want to guarantee it remains in top shape for longer, read this post by Jim Allen in Canton to learn how to provide the maintenance it requires.

An air compressor is a powerful machine that, as its name states, is meant to discharge pressured air. This can be an incredibly helpful tool in some lines of work and even in the household, as it can be of used in construction projects for powering jackhammers, as well as to inflate a tire in your own garage. Still, as any other powerful machine, the air compressor needs to be maintained properly, so that it can continue working as expected for years to come. If you fail to keep up with its maintenance, you're sure to regret it later on, as the repair or replacement of your machine will be costly and time consuming. To learn how to maintain your air compressor effectively, continue reading the post below.

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How to Maintain an Air Compressor

Learn More About Yours

There are different kinds of air compressors, with varying degrees of power, diverse features, and other important differences that affect their needs and requirements. That's why you first need to learn more about your own model. To that end, you should take some time to read your owner's manual thoroughly. Through it, you'll find the manufacturer's tips to help your air compressor remain in top shape, as well as other useful information. As a general rule of thumb, it's recommended that you service your machine about once a year. This, again, can vary depending on the air compressor model you own.

Change the Compressor Oil Regularly

The compressor oil in your air compressor has the crucial task of lowering the friction in the machine, helping it perform efficiently. Moreover, it protects the components in the compressor, which can slow down the wear and tear process and extend your compressor's lifespan. Still, the compressor oil needs to be changed regularly so it can continue to lubricate and protect the components. Check your compressor oil frequently to guarantee it's in proper condition. If you notice it isn't, change it up to keep your machine going strong.

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Keep the Air Compressor Clean

A key maintenance task that you should perform with regularity is that of keeping the air compressor clean. Be aware that this task is comprised of other smaller tasks that you need to pay attention to. For example:
  • Replace the air filter every so often, as it can get filthy with all of the dirt and gunk that your air compressor picks up.
  • Similarly, you need to clean out the intake vents. They also love to pick up dirt and dust, which can make the air compressor work harder and ultimately damage its components.
  • You also need to drain the receiver tank since it can accumulate moisture over time, which can affect the air compressor's performance.
  • The fuel tank is also on the list. Drain it and clean it out effectively to get rid of the build up that can accumulate in it.

Be Mindful of the Safety Shut-Off System

Some air compressors have a safety shut-off system that helps you employ the machine in a safe manner. It basically shuts the system off if the compressor gets too hot. Still, this component needs to be maintained, too. To learn how to perform that maintenance task, refer to your owner manual.

Tighten Up the Fasteners

As a last tip, it's recommended that you keep the fasteners, screws and bolts in mind during your air compressor's maintenance routine. This is because, as it is to be expected, the vibration of a working air compressor can actually cause the fasteners to loosen up. Keep this in mind and go through a quick inspection routine before each time you use your compressor. There, tighten up the fasteners so you can use your compressor safely and effectively.

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