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How a Full Synthetic Oil Change Near Akron Is Just What a Sports Car Needs

If you're looking at buying your first car, or maybe it's just time for you to upgrade your existing people mover, you're likely asking yourself a few questions. What kind of driving are you expecting to do? Where are you likely to be going? How many people will you need to take with you? And, how much time and money can you spend on ongoing maintenance? Throughout these questions, you've likely taken in many people's opinions and performed a great deal of research into sedans, minivans, compact city cars or even 4WDs. However, there's likely one type of car that hasn't really entered your mind with much seriousness - a sports car. If you're interested in learning more about the type of engine maintenance a sports car requires along with the challenges owning a sports car can bring, Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen has a post just for you.

What Separates a Sports Car From an Everyday People Mover?

If you think about the regular drives you are likely to be currently doing in a regular everyday car such as a sedan or compact city car, they are usually short drives to and from the shops, taking the kids to school or maybe trips to the beach. While changing to a sports car isn't going to immediately change your life and the errands you need to run, it is likely the style of your driving that will change.

The Speed of Acceleration

When you're driving in a regular car and you take off from the traffic lights, it's usually a slow start with minimal engine effort and almost always with no rush. Even with a zippy little compact car, you aren't likely to be taking off too quickly. However, with a sports car, given the nature of the engine, you're likely to safely reach the speed limit much faster than you are used to. Now while it's true that the engine in a sports car has been designed for this very type of acceleration, it places additional strain on the engine that isn't seen in a family sedan type car. It is this very level of acceleration that leads a sports engine to require a higher quality level of engine lubricant than you may have generally used in your family sedan or people mover. Getting your hands on a high-quality engine lubricant isn't hard, it just means a synthetic oil change near Akron. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645 and speak about the type of sports car you're looking to buy and find out more about the types of products available that can keep it performing optimally and providing the level of acceleration you need.

Intense Engine Heat

If you've ever felt the heat coming off the engine of a family sedan or even a minivan, then you have an idea of the high temperatures a regular engine can produce. With a sports car, however, this level of engine heat is intensified due to the increase in power it produces. Not just as you start from the lights, but as you zip around corners and potentially change your gears more often for a boost in torque. When the temperatures reach the levels produced by a sports car's engine it can cause conventional oil based engine lubricants to break down and thin out. When this occurs, evaporation of the oil begins to occur and the level of oil inside that once facilitated the fluid motion of your engine's parts decreases. With less oil operating through your sports car's engine, the internal components that operate at high speed are forced to slide and grind against each other without a protective coating. This causes small shards to be chipped away from each part, leading to an unnecessary increase in engine part wear. This not only prevents your engine from operating at its optimum but leads to an increase in the visits to the mechanic for services and part replacement.

Give a Sports Car's Engine What It Needs With a Synthetic Oil Change Near Akron

While it may seem that keeping a sports car's engine performing at its best is a difficult job, it really isn't. By providing your sports car's engine with a high-quality lubrication such as a full synthetic oil, it is provided with the level of protection it needs. If you are interested in learning more about sports car engine maintenance before you buy or you currently own a sports car and want to make sure that you can get the most performance out of it without damaging its engine, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645 and talk to an expert. Available to provide a range of high-quality full synthetic oil products, Amsoil Dealer - Jim Allen will make sure you get the right product for your needs with the best advice.

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