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Summer is the ideal time to get a synthetic oil change in Spencer and prevent possible engine problems. AMSOIL synthetic oil means quality and that’s what you are looking for. AMSOIL dealer: Jim Allen in Spencer wants you to know how synthetic oil protects your engine against the summer heat.

The Heat and Your Engine

As if friction wasn’t enough for the temperature to rise in your engine, the heat outside contributes, too. As the heat inside your engine increases, it runs a bigger risk of overheating. Even though the temperature may not cause your engine to overheat directly, it does reduce the fluids inside it. Fluids are needed to keep the engine cool.

Synthetic Oil Change= Friction and Heat Protection

Synthetic oil perform superbly when faced with high (or low) temperatures, unlike conventional oils that don’t have the same cooling properties. Regular oil is more likely to lose some if its lubricating properties and decay with the heat. On the other hand, getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change in Spencer means lubrication will be more constant, no matter what the temperature is.

Check the Coolant Too

You know now that synthetic oil is a major engine protector, but we should also mention how coolant helps against the heat as well. That is its job, to keep the temperatures safe for your car. When the coolant levels are low, it gets harder for the cooling system to complete its cycles. It needs to have the right proportion of coolant and water, or if possible, it should be antifreeze instead of water. Antifreeze has better anti-corrosion properties that aid the coolant at enduring the heat.

For the Top Performing Synthetic Oil in Spencer

The best thing you can do for your engine this summer is give it a fresh AMSOIL synthetic oil change in Spencer. You can rest easy knowing you have the best oil protection in the market. Call AMSOIL dealer: Jim Allen in Spencer to know more about the benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oil. You can reach him at: (877) 777-1645. You can also browse through the online store.

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