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Winter Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Before winter weather arrives, properly prepare your vehicle for the change in conditions. Follow these simple maintenance tips to get started.

Take Care of Your Tires

Since your vehicle's tires are what connect your car to the road, they are one of the most important aspects you should keep an eye on. As part of your seasonal maintenance, give them a thorough checkup, looking out for damage or heavy wear. If your tread it quite worn, replace your tires before the roads become slick with ice and rain. Keep in mind that the cold outdoor temperatures can cause your tires to lose pressure. If your tires are substantially below the recommended air pressure, you can lose traction, making your vehicle harder to handle. To prevent this from happening, check your tire pressure as you fill up on gas.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

Keeping your windshield clean is very important during the winter season because of the seasonal storms. If you're unable to keep your windshield free of debris, your safety can be greatly compromised. If you didn't change your windshield wipers after summer, now is the perfect time to do it. The summer heat can make the plastic parts become dry and brittle, leaving them unable to perform their function. If you're expecting subzero temperatures, fill up on a blend of windshield wiper fluid that won't freeze in the cold. Finally, test your defroster and ensure that it is working properly. If it isn't able to keep your windshield from fogging up, take your car to get this part serviced as soon as possible.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

If you give your vehicle an oil change as part of your seasonal maintenance, you're doing a lot better than most car owners. Oil changes are one of the most neglected tasks when it comes to vehicle maintenance. To give your engine superior protection this winter, make your oil change a full synthetic oil change. A synthetic oil will maintain its fluidity better all winter long, helping to keep your engine better protected even on cold starts. Change intervals are much longer with synthetic oil so you may not even have to change your oil every season. To give your engine the best protection from wear, rust, and buildup, make the change to an AMSOIL synthetic oil today! If you're interested in giving your vehicle a synthetic oil change in Akron this season, contact AMSOIL Dealer- Jim Allen. They will be happy to help you find the perfect AMSOIL synthetic oil for your vehicle. Contact them at (877) 777-1645 to place an order. Don't forge to visit their online shop for a full range of the best AMSOIL Oil products.

Top off Your Coolant

Coolant is also known as antifreeze because of the job it performs in winter. While coolant will help keep your engine from overheating, during the winter it also helps prevent your engine from freezing. Check on your coolant this season and top it off if it's running low. Now is also a great time to check your cooling system for leaks or other issues. If you're draining and replacing your coolant, be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications carefully. Some cars require a specific mix of coolant and water that will keep your fluid from freezing.

Check on Your Battery

The cold outdoor temperatures can really take a toll on your vehicle's battery this winter, especially if your store your car outdoors. The added strain your battery endures, especially on cold starts, can cause it to stop functioning if it's quite old. If your battery is three to five years old, it may be nearing its end. To avoid getting stranded on the cold winter roads, consider having your battery tested or replaced.

Carry an Emergency Kit

The winter roads can become quite dangerous due to inclement weather, breakdowns, and holiday traffic. It's always best to be as prepared as possible for any incidents you may encounter, including accidents, breakdowns, and simply getting stuck in bad weather. To be prepared on the road, carry an emergency kit in your trunk. Items to put in your emergency include: a blanket, a first aid kit, water, snacks, a flashlight, jumper cables, a phone charger, a shovel, and a knife.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Akron

Prepare your vehicle for cold winter temperatures with a synthetic oil change in AkronContact AMSOIL Dealer- Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645 to find the perfect synthetic oil for your vehicle. Check out their online shop for a full selection of AMSOIL Oil products.

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