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The lawn mower can make your life much easier when it comes to your yard's upkeep. However, if you're not careful, it can be dangerous, too. Learn how to ride yours safely with this post by Jim Allen in Akron.  

Having a big yard with grass, trees, plants, and flowers is a huge blessing. However, it's also big work, as you need to maintain it constantly to keep it pretty, safe, and functional. Luckily, lawn mowers exist. They can make your life much easier since you only have to hop on one and go over your yard to cut the grass, make it even, and keep it healthy. However, convenient as the lawn mower is, you have to be careful with it. As you're aware, it has sharp blades, and if you're not safe when riding your lawn mower, you can have an accident that could result in serious injuries or worse. For that reason, you have to be very aware of the rules to follow when you're on a riding lawn mower. After all, it is a complex machine with a small engine. To learn more safety tips so you can mow your lawn without a problem, continue reading the post below.

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How to Use Your Lawn Mower in a Safe Manner

Read the Owner's Manual

If you've never ridden a lawn mower before, or even if you've ridden a different model, it's a good idea to read the owner's manual. Remember that a lawn mower is still a complex machine, so you have to learn more about your model, what you can and can't do on it, as well as its needs.

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Keep Your Common Sense

If you have common sense, use it. Avoid doing things that you know are dangerous. Don't do stunts with the lawn mower, don't let children drive it, avoid riding while drunk or high, don't leave the lawn mower on and unattended, avoid speeding, and more, to have only safe rides atop it.

Maintain the Lawn Mower Perfectly

A lawn mower that malfunctions is not a safe lawn mower. For that reason, you have to provide the maintenance it requires to remain in top shape for years to come. To that end, take it to a mechanic regularly and only use the best products for its maintenance.

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Ride With the Right Clothes

Believe it or not, what you wear when you're on the lawn mower can have an impact on your safety. Basically, you should avoid clothing that's too loose or big on you, as it can get stuck in the mower's mechanism. Likewise, avoid flip flops or heels as they can make riding more difficult. If you're mowing during the day, wear sunscreen.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Children and/or pets have no business being near a lawn mower, especially if it's on and you're riding. They shouldn't be near it, and they definitely shouldn't ride it or reach under it. Simply put, you should keep your children and pets away when you're mowing the lawn.

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Inspect the Area You'll Be Mowing

One tip that can save you a lot of trouble is to take a few minutes to inspect the area you'll be going over. This will give you a chance to spot and remove items that could get stuck in the mower's mechanism (like rocks, twigs, and other objects). This will also keep them from being thrown out violently by the mower.

Remove Stuck Items With Extreme Care

Lastly, if an object makes its way into the mower's mechanism and gets stuck, you must be incredibly careful to remove it. For starters, make sure to turn the mower completely off before reaching in. Likewise, try to use other objects to get the item unstuck so your hands don't touch the blades.

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