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Vehicles with a manual transmission rely on the driver to shift at the appropriate time. When the driver decides to shift gears, some gears inside the transmission disengage while others engage to change gears. The gears inside the manual transmission move at different speeds and can grind during shifting. To resolve against possible gear grinding, synchromesh components are used. 

The synchromesh system equalized the speed of each gear to allow for smoother shifting. But the synchromesh system needs to be properly lubricated to do its job correctly. The manual transmission fluid must minimize wear on the gears and bearings as well as provide smooth synchromesh engagements. Smoother shifting also reduced bump shifts, when the shift lever bumps back out of gear. It all boils down to smoother shifting is how to maximize your transmission life by minimizing gear grinding. 

Since smooth shifting is key to keeping your transmission happy, it is vital to use the right kind of manual transmission fluid in your vehicle. AMSOIL offers you a quality produce that has several benefits. AMSOIL synthetic manual transmission fluid provides cooler operation for your transmission which reduces stress and wear in your system. Another benefit from using AMSOIL is that our products are designed to be thermally and oxidatively stable so our fluids will not break down and cause the formation of sludge in your transmission. Since some of the passageways in the transmission are very small, it is important to use a fluid with the right viscosity across a wide temperature range like AMSOIL which offers a consistent viscosity.  

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