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Get your bike ready for long summer rides. We have a few tips to hopefully keep you stranded from something like a seized transmission or blown wheel. 

Follow Manual Recommendations 

As simple as it sounds, it is hard to admit the original manufacturer might know more about your motorcycle than you do. Factory engineers share their expertise on all sorts of things in manuals like what type of oil to use, maintenance schedules, service procedures, etc. Service manuals are a great resource to invest in. They include information on everything a shop mechanic needs to know to rebuild your motorcycle. Usually a factory service manual will cost somewhere between $40-$100, sometimes more. But you may be able to find a third party publisher like Clymer or Haynes for less. 

Break Your Bike in Right 

It is so important to treat your bike right during the first few hundred miles while you are freaking it in. Each motorcycle comes with their own guidelines on how to break it in. Sometimes the guidelines are simple like ride gentilly. But sometimes the guidelines are much more complex and involve limits not to push your bike over while in the break in period. If you are not sure where to find these guidelines, check your manual. 

Change the Oil 

Tride and true advice, take your bike in for scheduled oil changes using the right kind of oil. It is the best way to keep your engine last. Engines contain moving parts that spin and whirl around at super high rates. The only thing that keeps these parts from grinding themselves into nothing is oil to lubricate a layer between them. When that oil breaks down, these parts become subject to fail. So change your oil! And use quality oil when you are changing your oil. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for an oil changing schedule. 

Synthetic Oil in Spencer, OH

Keeping your motorcycle in perfect condition also requires that you use quality products. Remember that AMSOIL oil has products to meet the requirements of your machine. Consider us next time you are looking for synthetic oil in Spencer, OH. Please call Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645 or email us at to learn more about our products.

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