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If you're going out on your boat during these hotter summer days, you need to make sure you have the safety equipment you'll need in an emergency. In this post by Jim Allen in Canton, you'll find a checklist.

Few things can be as fun and as relaxing as spending a day out on the water with a few of your family members and best friends on a boat. You can make a day out of it: have a party, eat some lunch, spend some time talking, watching the water, and even fish if you feel like it. Still, you never know what could happen, even when you're relaxing on a boat. For that reason, you need to prepare to deal with fires, injuries, getting lost, someone falling overboard, getting stranded out on the water, among other similar emergencies. To learn what safety equipment you need to keep on your boat so you can handle any unforeseen circumstances effectively, continue reading the post below.

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Safety Equipment Your Boat Should Have

Life Jackets and Throw Rings

For starters, you and every one of your passengers should be wearing a life jacket while you're on the boat. It's also helpful to have throw rings or other floating devices around. This way, if someone falls over, they will help them stay afloat until someone can help them.

Flares, Bells, and Whistles

It's important to have distress signals on the boat, such as flares, bells, and whistles. It's not uncommon for people to get lost or for a boat to malfunction and leave its passengers stranded out on the water. These devices will help notify any vessels that may be near.

Anchor and Paddles

Sometimes you need to stop the boat, and sometimes you need to keep it going. If your boat's primary propulsion isn't working well, having anchors and paddles on board can be helpful. Just make sure that the anchor is long enough and only use paddles with smaller boats.

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Fire Extinguishers

You may be surrounded by water when you're on your boat, but this doesn't mean that there can't be a fire. To deal with those fires before they turn into a disaster, you need fire extinguishers on board. Just be sure they're in good shape and that you know how to use them.

Medicine and Medical Equipment

People can also get injured and get sick when they're on your boat. Since it will be difficult for you to reach a doctor promptly, you'll need to have medicine and medical equipment on the boat. Keep a full first aid kit in good shape and know how to use everything in it.

Navigation Tools

Unfortunately, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of blue. So, unless you're well-versed in reading the stars, you will need certain navigation tools with you. For example, you can have electronic navigation devices, a map, and a compass to find your way back.

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Potable Water and Non-Perishable Food

Having food and a couple of drinks on the boat can be a good way to pass the time. Still, it's recommended that you keep extra potable water and non-perishable foods. This way, if you get lost or are stranded, you and your passengers can eat and drink until you're helped.

Communication Devices

Of course, you'll want a way to communicate with others and ask for help in case it is needed. For that reason, you shouldn't leave until you're sure that you have fully charged communication devices on board. Have a cellphone and even a marine radio on your boat.

Miscellaneous Items

Finally, there are other helpful tools that you should also keep on your boat. For example, have towels, blankets, change of clothes, aloe vera, a lighter, hand sanitizer, scissors, and other miscellaneous items that could be a lifesaver in an emergency.

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