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A stressed-out engine is less effective, has a shorter lifespan, wastes more fuel, and can break down faster. To learn about common engine stressors and how to avoid them, read this post that Jim Allen in Spencer has for you. 

Owning a vehicle is a great advantage: you can get from one place to another in little time and with minimal effort. But do you know what component makes that happen? The engine! The engine is in charge of powering the vehicle and making it move until you reach your destination. Because of this, the engine is probably one of the most important components in your vehicle. For this reason, it's essential that you care for your engine properly and avoid things that can stress it out. An overworked and stressed-out engine can be less effective and wastes more fuel. Not only that, but it can break down faster and have a shorter lifespan. This can be bad news for you, your safety, your convenience, your wallet, and even the environment. If you want to avoid all of those dire consequences and learn more about the different things that can stress your engine out and how you can stay away from them, the following post has more information on the matter, so continue reading.

A well-cared-for engine will work smoothly and strong for years to come. Call Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645, or browse AMSOIL's online store to find the best products for it, including the top synthetic oil in Spencer.

What Stresses Your Engine Out

Not Maintaining Your Vehicle Effectively

Anything that can make the engine's work more difficult will likely stress it out. That's why if you don't maintain your vehicle effectively (i.e., if you drive around with faulty brakes, damaged tires, and a broken-down cooling system), you can expect an overworked engine that's more likely to fail. Keep your vehicle in mint shape to help your engine, your wallet, and your well-being.

Neglecting the Synthetic Oil Changes

When your engine runs, its moving components generate friction. The synthetic oil works to coat these components, lessen the friction, slow the wear and tear process, and keep your engine working smoothly. Still, the synthetic oil becomes ineffective after some time and use, which is why you need to change it regularly. Not doing so can cause stress and damage to the engine.

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The Harsh Temperatures Outside

The harsh temperatures (i.e., the extreme heat and cold) can have negative consequences on our bodies, which is why we employ methods to be safe. Well, the same thing goes for the engine. The coldness and the heat can also affect it and how it performs. Adapt to the temperatures so you can protect your engine effectively and keep it from being overworked.

Driving Recklessly

When you drive recklessly, you not only put your safety and that of those around you in jeopardy, but you can also stress your engine out. This is because the engine has to work through all of your demands which can overwork it and damage it. To avoid these, try not to step on the gas pedal, slam the brake pedals, take sharp turns, or hit the curb.

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Running on Empty

Something we have all done but that can have serious repercussions on the engine is to drive around on a nearly empty gas tank. Sludge and sediments accumulate at the bottom of the tank, and when there's not enough fuel, they're forced to pass through the engine, which can wear it down and stress it out. To avoid this, refill the tank when the fuel gauge is two-thirds of the way down.

Carrying Around Extra Weight

Lastly, carrying around extra weight can also make it more difficult for the engine to perform effectively (unless you're driving a heavy-duty vehicle that's made for that). Obviously, the heavier the vehicle is, the harder it will be to move, meaning the engine will have to work more. To avoid the dire consequences, get rid of unnecessary junk in your vehicle to keep it lighter.

Maintain your engine in perfect working condition to avoid stressing it out. Call Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645, or browse AMSOIL's online store to place an order on the most effective synthetic oil in Spencer.


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