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If you've ever had a question about industrial lubricants (from what they are to how they're used), wonder no more! This post by Jim Allen in Cleveland will share the basics on what industrial lubricants are.

If you know anything about lubricants, then you're aware that they're a substance meant to reduce the friction and heat that can take place between components that move and brush against each other when they do (primarily - some lubricants fulfill other functions). In the end, this is meant to smooth out their processes and decrease their wear and tear rate. Still, even if all lubricants do the same thing in general, there are different types of lubricants, each with specific characteristics to fit specific requirements. For example, there's differences between automotive and industrial lubricants. Again, they're both in charge of coating, lubricating, and protecting the moving components in a system. Still, the conditions they do this under are extremely different, which is why you wouldn't use automotive and industrial lubricants interchangeably. For instance, industrial lubricants are under a lot more stress than automotive lubes (after all, they're used in machines designed to mass products or perform other heavy-duty tasks). They need to under harsh conditions: extreme heat, high-pressure, among others. That's why they have different stability, viscosity, and characteristics. If you'd like to learn more about industrial lubricants, what they are, and how they work, you should continue reading the post below.

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Types of Industrial Lubricants

Compressor Oil

To begin this list of industrial lubricants, let's talk a bit about compressor oil. As you can probably guess, it's meant to be used in air compressors, which are machines that turn power into energy in the form of pressurized air. This air is stored in a tank until it's pressured out when needed. Air compressors can have many industrial applications (in rotary screws, centrifugal compressors, pressure washers, vacuum pumps, etc.) and the compressor oil is used to improve their efficiency, resist water contamination, and control their wear and tear process.

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Hydraulic Oil

Next up, let's take a look at the hydraulic oil and its duties. Hydraulic systems (often used in construction equipment, manufacturing, and vehicles) are constantly working with fluids, which means they're exposed to oxidation, corrosion, varnish buildup, and other side-effects that could diminish their power and effectiveness. The right hydraulic oil should maintain the systems' cleanliness, allow the fluid to flow seamlessly, resist foam, and improve the energy efficiency of the machines. This, in turn, can result in a longer and smoother lifespan for the applications that use hydraulic systems.

Synthetic Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil - ISO 22 can help you keep your hydraulic applicants clean and working smoothly for longer.

Gear and Bearings Oil

As for gear oils, there are different types of gear oils, too. But the most intense of them all is Extreme Pressure Gear Lube which, as its name states, is meant to survive through extreme pressure and protect heavy machinery (such as towing vehicles and powerful trucks) and their components from it. The right Extreme Pressure gear and bearings oil should be shear-stable, made up of high-quality synthetic base oils and fortified with certain additives to guarantee that it will provide the protection that the heavy duty industrial applications require.

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High Performance Grease

Last but not least, let's say that you have truck trailer bearings, steering axles, conveyor drive boxes, pneumatic tools, mower gearboxes, drilling equipment, and/or mixer gear drives, and you need to keep them in top condition for years so they can perform as expected. If that were the case, you would require a high performance grease to do the job. Grease is meant to protect these applications against corrosion and oxidation, which can render all of that heavy machinery useless if they're not thwarted off successfully.

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