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There are many fluids swimming around your car and they all have an important job to do. Fluids are meant to do their job without being seen, unless you are getting a synthetic oil change, that is. It’s normal for you to worry when you see one of them leaking out of your vehicle. It’s probable that you don’t know what it means and you start to worry. Fortunately all those fluids come in different colors, which makes it easier for you to recognize them. This post AMSOIL Dealer: Jim Allen has prepared for you will help you recognize the liquids coming out of your vehicle and what they mean. Many times you won't be able to identify the color or origin of the puddles with the naked eye.  You can take a piece of white cardboard and move it all around under your car until you find the leak. It will be easier for you to recognize the fluid by its color and feel with this trick.

Clear and Shiny

If a liquid looks and smells like water, then yes it’s water! Your air conditioner takes air take the air from outside and suck out all the humidity. All this condensed water is drained through hoses under the car. It’s completely harmless. As a suggestion for hotter and more humid days, turn on the recirculation switch. The AC won’t have to take in more humid air and the car will get cooler much faster.

Reddish, Light Brown or Black Kind and of Thick

Transmission fluid may look a bit like engine oil, but it’s thicker. You might find it close to the center of the car. Automatic transmissions use a reddish fluid that might even be thinner than engine oil. Leaking transmission fluid probably means there’s something wrong with the seal or the gasket.

Amber to Black

Yup, this is engine oil. The oil is lighter depending on how new it is. Engine oil is the fluid that tends to leak more frequently. If the drip is minimal it’s not a real problem, be worried if it’s consistent.  Gaskets and seals may loosen up with all the heat that the engine produces. Sometimes it’s easy to spot where the leak is coming from, other times you might want to check with a mechanic. Driving your car when the oil levels are low will make overheat, and chances are that you will be left stranded somewhere. Better get a synthetic oil change whenever that happens. When this time comes, AMSOIL Dealer: Jim Allen has all the AMSOIL automotive products you might need. They even tell you the many benefits of getting a synthetic oil change. Go ahead and give them a call at: (877) 777-1645 to acquire your AMSOIL products.

Yellow, Green or Pink and Slimy 

If it looks like a colorful party is coming out from under your car that would be the coolant. You might also identify it because it has sweet smell. Modern cars have coolant recovery reservoir where the coolant goes to when it gets too hot. Older models used to have hoses that emptied the coolant under the car. If your car is a recent model then it shouldn’t drip at all. There might be something wrong with the water pump or hoses, or the radiator.

Reddish or Light Brown and Thin

It’s not transmission fluid again, it’s actually the power steering fluid, and they do look extremely alike. The difference is in where the leaking is coming from. The power steering fluid is found in the front of the car.

Clear to Brown and Slick

This fluid is critical to your brake system. As time goes by rust and contaminants will turn the fluid darker, but if it’s new it will be clear or slightly brown. To recognize this fluid, you will need to touch it. It’s more slippery than engine oil. Don’t ignore this leak if it’s happening to your vehicle.

Dark Amber to Dark Brown and Thick

Again, this fluid will look similar to transmission fluid, however it’s the differential or gear oil. It all depends on the origin. You will find it if your transmission or rear differential is leaking. It has a strong smell, you can try sniffing the location.

For a Synthetic Oil Change

one of the fluids your car should never be without is oil. It's always a good idea to get a synthetic oil change. AMSOIL Dealer: Jim Allen can supply the synthetic oil you need. If you have any questions or want to place an order call: (877) 777-1645.  

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