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Basic Motor Home Maintenance

Still haven’t made it out in your motorhome for a vacation this summer? It’s not too late! While taking your RV in for a professional check-up before any big trip is recommended, Jim Allen can have you ready  for the open road and keep your RV in peak condition year-round with these simple steps:

The Importance of a Working Battery

If your battery looks a little worse for wear, it might be time to replace it. Check your owner’s manual to confirm how long your specific vehicle’s battery lifecycle lasts. If you live somewhere where temperatures get pretty low during the winter, take the battery out and keep it nice and warm somewhere to avoid freezing and any potential breakage.

Don't Neglect Your Filters and Brake Fluid

Just like with a regular car, checking your hydraulic, coolant, fuel and air filters, along with your brake fluid, frequently is a must. If done consistently, this can save you thousands in potential damages and keep your RV running smoothly, not to mention keeping you and all the other drivers on the road safe and sound!

Don’t Forget the Engine

And, perhaps most importantly, your RV needs its oil and filters changed regularly to keep your engine in a good condition. Check your manual for information on your particular vehicle or speak with an AMSOIL expert about extending your oil change duration. Staying on top of your oil changes will keep your engine clean and satisfied.

Synthetic Oil in Cleveland

Before you head out on your next motorhome adventure, speak with a professional here at Jim Allen AMSOIL on (877) 777-1645 about how AMSOIL synthetic oil in Cleveland can keep your motor home in good working order when you need it the most.

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