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Learn about your fluid levels and how to keep them at the right levels

Each car has a different design – some are sporty, others are for families, but all commercial cars use the same basic operating systems. For example, all cars have an engine, brakes, and steering. Each of these components requires regular inspection and maintenance to keep them in perfect condition. Each of these systems also requires a liquid to be added to it at regular intervals in order to maintain ideal functionality. It’s not necessary to take your car to a mechanic just to have its fluid levels checked and potentially changed. In this blog, your local AMSOIL Dealer – Jim Allen have put together an excellent guide to show you how to check and maintain your vehicle’s fluid levels. Firstly, you should consult your owner’s manual to find out where to locate each fluid port and dipstick. Next, park your car on a flat, level surface so that you will be able to accurately assess fluid levels without the confusing effect of an incline.

Engine Oil

The first fluid you should check is the engine oil. This is an essential liquid that provides lubrication and protection to your engine. Driving without sufficient levels of engine oil can have a devastating impact on your motor, so it’s essential that you check this regularly. You should check your motor oil with a cool engine so that you don’t get a false reading. Locate the dipstick using your user manual, then remove it and wipe it clean. Re-insert the dipstick and remove it again to get an accurate reading. You should find notches or grooves on the dipstick to indicate fluid level. Consult your user manual to find out what an adequate level would be for your particular vehicle. If the level is low, top up using a high-quality motor oil and a filter. While checking your motor oil level, you should also ensure that the oil is still in good condition. Motor oil degrades over time and should be fully changed at regular intervals. Fresh engine oil is clear and golden in color. If yours is black or brown, it may need replacing. Engine oil can also become contaminated with coolant. If yours is foamy or milky, you should take your car in to be reviewed by a mechanic. Synthetic oils provide the best lubrication and protection to your engine and can even increase your fuel economy. The benefits of upgrading to a synthetic motor oil include a longer lifetime, superior protection against rust, and better performance at a wider range of temperatures.  Call your local AMSOIL Dealer – Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645 and get expert advice on which oil to use for your top up or a full synthetic oil change.


While you engine is still cool it is a good time to check your coolant levels. This liquid lives in a reservoir that you can locate using your vehicle’s user manual. Check the level by removing the cap and opening the reservoir. If the coolant level is low, this can damage your engine. Do not top up with water, but invest in a high-quality coolant that provides superior heat-control at a wider range of temperatures.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential for the safe functioning of your vehicle. The reservoir should be easy to find as they are usually labeled ‘brake fluid’. To check the level, remove the cap and have a look inside. Brake fluid levels should remain pretty constant and you should not have to top this up regularly. If you have to do this, it may suggest a leak in the system so you should take your car in for a service.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates your car’s gear system. You can check it in a similar way to motor oil. Locate the dipstick using your owner’s manual, and determine whether the level is adequate according to the notches on the side of the dipstick. Add more fluid to the system if necessary. Healthy transmission fluid is red. If yours is brown or black, it’s time to replace it.

Use the Right Product When You Undertake a Synthetic Oil Change

By following this guide, you can maintain ideal fluid levels in your car and avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic. The best way to keep your car in tip-top shape is to upgrade to a synthetic motor oil. This provides improved lubrication to the system and increased protection against wear. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer – Jim Allen today at (877) 777-1645 to find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change.

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