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Improve Your Engine Performance and Efficiency with Fuel Additives

Fuel additives have the necessary additives your vehicle needs to stay efficient. Additives also will extend your vehicle's engine life.

Additional Deposits and Higher Compression

Intake Valve Deposits form on the valves. As deposits increased, airflow is restricted altering airflow patterns in the cylinder. The deposits disrupt the balanced air/fuel ratio and can cause valve sticking. Deposits restrict proper seating, and the valves may be burned. Intake valve deposits cause lost engine power, increased emissions, poor engine efficiency and valve failure. Combustion deposits form on the top of the pistons and cylinder heads. They increase compression and absorb heat during combustion to later release during the intake cycle. In engines with tight squish domes, combustion chamber deposits cause the piston to hit the cylinder head. This is combustion chamber deposit interference, also known as carbon rap.” Combustion chamber deposits flake off as they get large. These flakes get trapped between valves and the valve seat, resulting in compression loss, difficult starting and rough idle. Higher compression and stored heat cause an increase intake temperatures and pre-ignition knock or pinging. Fuel additives contain concentrated detergents to alleviate these issues and clean the engine without damaging components.

Maximum Fuel Economy

AMSOIL Performace Improver Gasoline Additive. maximizes fuel efficiency by dissolving and removing contaminants and fuel system deposits for improved power and overall performance.

Recommended Fuel Additive Usage

Treat one full tank of gas up to 20 gallons with one bottle of AMSOIL P.i. For large gas tanks, fill to only 40 gallons and treat with two bottles of AMSOIL P.i. Do not use more than two bottles per treatment. Treat gas every 4,000 miles of service (or 100 hours for marine, stationary and off-road gasoline-powered engines). AMSOIL P.i. helps pass emission tests by running one tank of treated fuel through the engine before testing. It's safe for use with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, oxygenated gas and 10 percent ethanol blended gas but is not recommended for two-cycle engines. Jim Allen provides AMSOIL custom synthetic lubrication solutions to all types of customers. Call 877-777-1645 or order online.

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