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How to Keep Your Dirt Bike in Good Working Order

Dirt bikes are great fun and can afford a level of excitement and adventure getting you places only a dirt bike can. Before you head out on your next ride, follow this simple checklist from Jim Allen to keep your ride in good order. 

  1. Whilst sitting on your bike, reach for the levers and make sure they're at the right tension. Remember that you don't want them to respond too quickly so as not to unnecessarily engage your clutch or brakes.
  2. While it might seem obvious, many riders neglect to check regular nuts and bolts around the engine and bike. It only take a minute or two, and can save you trouble on the track.
  3. Check your tires each time your ride and make sure there's sufficient tread, and that your tires are in good order. If you notice cracks or patches of stretching, repair or replace your tires before you ride.
  4. While you're checking your tires, take a look at the pressure. Remember that your dirt bike needs different pressure than regular bikes, and should be adjusted in advance for any planned rides that require special performance, such as a track with heavy mud or grasslands.
  5. Your fluids are the best protection for your engine as it keeps your riding. Take a few minutes to check and top up any fluids that may look a little low. If you're still using a conventional oil, now would be the time to switch to synthetic oil and keep your bike protected as you ride.

Synthetic Oil in Cleveland

Riding your dirt bike is a great experience and doesn't require a lot of maintenance for your bike. If you're looking to further improve the performance of your engine, speak with Jim Allen on (877) 777-1645 and ask about the benefits of using a high quality Amsoil Oil in Columbus.

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