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There are many motor oil myths that are easily believed by vehicle owners, but how many of these myths are actually true? This post will uncover the truth behind some of the most common oil myths.

The Truth Behind Some Common Motor Oil Myths

Motor oil isn't all that tricky to understand, but all the motor oil myths that a car owner will hear over their lifespan can make it quite intimidating. There is so much contradicting information that it's hard to know what is actually true. This post can clear up some of the most common misconceptions about motor oil.

Myth: You Must Change Your Oil Before Taking Your Car on a Trip

This myth can be considered at least partially true. We'll explain why. If you're planning on taking your car on a road trip, but it's not due for an oil change anytime soon, or during your trip, an oil change isn't necessary before heading out of town. However, if your car's next oil change is scheduled sometime during your trip, it's best to get this done before leaving. If this is the case, don't leave the oil change until right before you plan on leaving. Get it taken care of at least a week before your scheduled departure just to be sure everything is in good condition.

Myth: Synthetic Oils Cause New Leaks

This myth likely stemmed from some issues that synthetic oils caused when they were first introduced into the market. Back in the 1970's, synthetic oils were known to cause the seals in engines to shrink, leading to some new leaks in the vehicle. However, synthetic oils have come a long way and no longer cause these types of issues. There are people who notice leaks after switching to synthetic oil, but these aren't new leaks. The consistency of synthetic oil and its superior cleansing properties may help remove buildup left behind by your conventional oil. This can mean that damage previously stopped by buildup or the removal of buildup on seals can help you discover old leaks.

Myth: It's Alright to Change Your Oil and Not Your Filter

Changing your oil and keeping your old oil filter can be done, however, it definitely is not recommended. Your oil filter helps stop and trap contaminants, gunk, and other particles floating around in your oil. By performing its function, it helps keep your oil clean and doing its job properly. When your oil is too old to continue doing its job effectively, your filter is probably at that point as well. So, if you were to get your oil changed and not your filter, your fresh oil would be contaminated by your old filter right away. Prevent this from happening by changing your filter every time you change your oil. Now that you know a bit more about motor oil, get to know some of the benefits of getting a synthetic oil change in Cleveland. To learn more about the benefits of using AMSOIL Oil's quality products, contact AMSOIL Dealer- Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645. Be sure to ask about their Signature Series Oils including their European Car Formula designed specifically for European motors. If you prefer to browse their selection of products online, be sure to stop by their online shop.

Myth: You Should Warm Up Your Engine and Oil Before Driving Off

Have you ever wondered why people let their engine run for a few minutes before driving off in the morning? The idea is that you need to let your engine run in order to warm up your motor and motor oil so that it is more effective. Although this was necessary many, many years ago, it's not recommended anymore. Most newer model cars require at most five seconds to warm and operate at their ideal temperature. If you're using a synthetic oil, your engine is also better protected because your oil doesn't need to be warmed up to return to its ideal consistency.

Myth: Black Oil Means It's Time to Change It

You may have noticed the stark color difference that exists between new oil and oil that is being removed. Although your old oil is likely looking quite dark, this doesn't mean that it needs to be changed as soon as it turns black. Your amber colored oil will start to turn black quite quickly because that's what it does as it performs its job. Your oil is busy absorbing particles, cleaning your engine, and removing buildup, so it's no surprise that it will change color.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change in Cleveland

Get your car ready for the road with a synthetic oil change in Cleveland. To make it the best synthetic oil change, contact AMSOIL Dealer- Jim Allen at (877) 777-1645. Don't forget to stop by their online shop for a full selection of the best AMSOIL Oil products.

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