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How to Choose Automatic or Manual Transmission

When choosing the perfect car for you, the first thought is often whether it's going to have an automatic or manual transmission. In this post, Jim Allen has a few tips to share to help make the decision easier.


If anybody tells you that automatic transmissions are for people who don't know how to drive, ignore them. Considering that it's your car, choose a transmission that you feel comfortable using constantly. If you are buying a car for small drives then the ease of an automatic may be for you.  If you feel like you will be doing more general driving, then a manual transmission can give you more control when navigating your route.

Fuel Consumption

This one depends on the style of driving you do. If you find yourself stopping and starting a lot or if you find that you change between gears often than a manual transmission may be more suited to your needs. Manual transmissions offer you more gear selection than automatic, meaning you are more able to choose the most appropriate, and least fuel consuming gear for the job.

Response Time

This one is more for the power driver, or those who want to get where they're going fast. Although a car with an automatic transmission won't be short on power, getting it to move in tighter positions can incur a small delay. If you like get your car going as soon as you as ready, consider the benefits of a manual transmission.

Synthetic Oil in Spencer

Now that you know which transmission is for you, it's time to start taking care of your car. Speak with an expert at Jim Allen on (877) 777-1645 and ask about how Amsoil Oil in Spencer can boost your engine and transmission performance.

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