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A pressure washer can be incredibly helpful in some situations. It can also be incredibly dangerous if you don't know how to operate yours safely. To make sure that you do, this post by Jim Allen in Spencer will share tips on how to remain safe while pressure washing.

Do you have any deep cleaning jobs that you need to get done? If you do, then you must be aware that pressure washers are perfect for that purpose. Basically, water is expelled at a high-pressure, which makes it ideal to get into crevices and remove dirt, mold, and all types of filth from anything that needs deep cleaning. Still, that high-pressure water can be incredibly dangerous if you don't handle it with care. You could end up severely injured or worst if you don't follow the right safety measures to handle a pressure washer. Especially if you're a beginner with pressure washers, you need to be made fully aware of said safety measures, so you can follow them to a T. To that end, the post below will be a general guide on how you can operate your pressure washer and remain on one piece by the end of it.

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How to Operate a Pressure Washer Safely

Read the Manual Thoroughly

First and foremost, you need to read the owner's manual thoroughly to get a better understanding of the powerful machine that you'll be using. Moreover, you need to learn specific tips for the model of power washer you're using (about its requirements, its dos and don'ts, among a lot of other useful information). This will give you a better idea of how to treat your power washer so that you can do an effective job with it in a safely manner.

Wear Safety Gear

And while we're speaking about using your power washer in a safely manner, you need to don safety gear when you operate it, so you can keep your body protected from any dangers that could present themselves. Safety goggles, gloves, boots, and pants are just some of the items you should be wearing. It's strictly prohibited that you use flip flop, heels, or shorts while operating a pressure washer, due to the risk they entail.

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Prepare the Area

It's not just you who needs to prepare for the job you'll be doing. The area you'll be working on should also be prepped for the event. To that end, it's recommended that you remove anything that you don't want to be cleaned, especially smaller items that could easily fly away when being hit with the spray, or that can make you trip and fall. Cover windows and lightbulbs that could shatter, too. Likewise, you should guarantee that there are no children or animals nearby when you're using the power washer.

Maintain the Pressure Washer Perfectly

An important part of ensuring your pressure washer works safely is making sure that it's maintained perfectly. The amount of pressure that goes on in it could cause certain screws and other items in it to become loose, which could present a problem when you're using it. Moreover, you need to maintain the air compressor with compressor oil to protect the inner systems from wearing and tearing faster than normal. If you want specific tips on how to maintain your pressure washer perfectly, refer to your owner's manual.

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Avoid Dangerous Situations

Last but not least, a few quick safety measures to take, so you don't unnecessarily put yourself at risk. For example:
  • Never ever reach out to the spray when the power washer is on. You don't want to know what that amount of pressure will do to your body (basically, it can shatter it).
  • Don't operate the power washer when you're on a ladder or on unstable ground. The amount of power it discharges could easily push you back, which is why you need to stay on solid ground to remain safe.

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