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RC Series R&O/AW Synthetic Gear and Bearing Oil

AMSOIL RC Series R&O/AW Synthetic Gear and Bearing Oil is formulated with high-quality synthetic base stocks and additive systems that effectively reduce wear and protect equipment by maintaining viscosity, resisting thermal and oxidative breakdown, inhibiting rust and resisting the degrading effects of water.

Enhances Performance
Non-detergent, ashless anti-wear additives provide an additional layer of protection against wear in severe conditions while antioxidants increase oxidation resistance and extend lubricant life. Rust inhibitors protect critical components against corrosion in the presence of water or process contaminants and foam suppressants help prevent foaming that can compromise film strength.

Resists Oxidation
AMSOIL RC Series Oil is shear-stable and oxidation-resistant, helping prevent viscosity loss from mechanical shear and viscosity increase from oxidation. RC Series Oil remains fluid at cold temperatures, providing easier startups, quick lubrication circulation and limiting the need for sump heaters. At higher temperatures, RC Series Oil maintains a thick lubricating film, reducing metal-to-metal contact and component wear.

Repels Water
RC Series Oil provides hydrolytic stability (stability in the presence of water) and demulsibility (ability to separate from water), increasing lubricant life, helping prevent oil/water emulsions and allowing reservoirs to be drained of water.

Superior Protection
ISO 32, 46 and 68 viscosity-grade RC Series Oils (RCH, RCI, RCJ) provide superior protection in high- and low-pressure gear, vane and piston hydraulic systems, compressors, high-speed bearings, small gear sets, high-speed gears and many other industrial applications. RC Series Oil, meets AGMA specifications for R&O gear oil for the lubrication of intermediate-speed equipment where mild shock-loading and intermittent service are involved. These applications include machine tools, roller chains, gear reducers, cone drives, large motor bearings, medium-speed ball and roller bearings, blowers and worm gear sets. Consult the manufacturer for proper viscosity recommendations.
• Resistant to high-temperature oxidation
• Formulated with anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam additives 

• Excellent cold-temperature performance 

• Compatible with yellow metals • Separates readily from water 

• Extended oil drain intervals and equipment life.


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