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SG Series Synthetic Extreme-Pressure Gear Oil
Industrial-Grade Performance & Protection

AMSOIL SG Series Synthetic Gear Oil’s advanced synthetic formulation is fortified with extreme-pressure (EP) additives to provide industrial-grade performance and protection. It is designed to exceed the increased protection needs of gears and bearings operating under severe-service and shock-loading conditions. SG Series Gear Oil delivers complete gear box protection, with an emphasis on extreme-pressure gear protection, heat resistance and cold-temperature operability.

Anti-Wear Formulation
SG Series Gear Oil is engineered to prevent metal-to-metal contact and inhibit corrosion. Its shear-stable, high-viscosity-index formulation features excellent anti-foam and air-release properties (passes the Flender Foam Test). SG Series Gear Oil maintains a thick lubricating film and is fortified with a heavy treatment of specialized sulfur/phosphorus EP and anti-corrosion additives. Under extreme pressures that may breach the lubricant film, an iron-sulfide barrier protects gear surfaces and inhibits wear, pitting and scuffing. SG Series Gear Oil demonstrates exceptional extreme-pressure performance in the industry-standard Timken OK Load Test and FZG Scuffing Load Test (exceeded machine limits in both) and the Falex Procedure B Test.

High-Temperature Durability
SG Series Gear Oil is formulated with durable base oils that are naturally resistant to oxidation. It also contains oxidation inhibitors and thermally stable additives for increased resistance to sludge formation, deposits, acid build-up and thermal degradation. AMSOIL SG Series Gear Oil is designed to deliver clean gears and housings throughout a long service life.

Excellent Cold-Temperature Fluidity
SG Series Gear Oil’s wax-free, high-viscosity-index base oils demonstrate excellent cold-flow properties and extremely low pour points. It helps improve cold-temperature efficiency, reducing the need for sump heaters and seasonal oil changes, while providing easier start-up for equipment. 
• Helps reduce maintenance costs due to excellent extremepressure protection 

• Promotes long fluid and component life by resisting thermal breakdown and water intrusion 

• Increases coldtemperature efficiency and protection due to low pour point 

• Designed to inhibit wear due to excellent film strength and foam suppression


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